CS Investigative Services
Our Private
Investigation Service
company provides an
array of private
detective services,
accident investigation
services, surveillance,
criminal background
checks and other
private investigative
service nationwide.
Process Service - Whether you need documents that contain
crucial information or a material witness to testify in court.
CSIS's friendly and courteous team of process servers will
make sure the information and persons you need are
available at the time of trial.

Background Investigation - CSIS uses a vast array of
screening products to gather current and accurate
intelligence, providing a detailed report of an individual's
personal and professional public history. Our
comprehensive background investigation will provide
useful background information and credential verification.

Skip Tracing | Witness Location - Locating persons that
have pertinent information regarding your case can be a
difficult task. CSISs investigators have the tools and
expertise to locate them.

Photo | Video Surveillance - CSISs investigators have
decades of surveillance experience using state of the art
technology to capture our subject's activities.

Activity Check - After a claimant accepts a settlement or is
awarded damages it is prudent to maintain an open line of
conversation. Through in person activity checks CSISs
investigators will confirm the claimant is alive and receiving
their benefit, as well as determine if the recipient's claim is
suspicious and warrants further investigation.
CS Investigative Services
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Alta Loma, CA 91701
Main - 909-561-7752
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California Department of
Consumer Affairs / Bureau of
Security and Investigative Services
License Number: 27668