Accident, Crime Scene & Forensic Reconstruction/Investigation
Accident Investigation - Accidents occur when people, equipment or surroundings fail to behave
or react as expected.

CSIS's accident investigators determine how and why these failures occur.

Whether you have been in an accident, or you are representing a client in accident litigation.
Proving the truth about the accident can seem impossible. An investigator with the expertise
and credentials to complete a thorough and accurate investigation can be very difficult to find.
Combining years of experience with the power of science and advanced certifications, we can
provide everything from initial investigative support to expert reports and trial preparation.
Vehicle crash investigation and accident reconstruction use engineering, physics and pre-
crash conditions to accurately determine the reason why/how the collision occurred.
We combine roadway analysis, vehicle inspections, weather, lighting and traffic conditions at
the time of the accident to determine cause.
And we don’t stop there in pursuit of evidence for your case. CSIS also conducts interviews of
the reporting law enforcement officials, emergency medical personnel, witnesses and victim
accounts to discover what really happened. Our expert reports are some of the most thorough
in the industry, providing all the evidence you need for your case. Our accident investigation
services include complete crash investigation and accident reconstruction for insurance
companies, law firms, government agencies, commercial trucking companies and private
individuals and include..

The Traffic Collision Experts at CSIS have investigated thousands of collisions as first
responders and Collision Reconstruction Experts for crashes that occurred in the past.  Our
Collision Analyst Experts have conducted in depth reconstructions and have provided
comprehensive written reports and documents that involve investigations such as...

Seat belts
Air bags        
Skid marks       
Sight distance        
Time and distance analysis       
Vehicle Inspections
Road geometry and signage        
Construction zone safety        
Anti-lock brakes       
Last chance to avoid a collision scenarios
Under-ride collisions        
Over-ride collisions       
Human factors        
Alcohol intoxication factors        
Narcotic influence factors
Lighting conditions        
Weather and environmental issues       
Lamp examination and analysis        
Low speed impact injuries
Collision data recorders        
Collision testing
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