Professional/Expert Witness /Trial Preparation/Litigation Support
CSIS provides a wide range of services to help law firms prepare for trial. Our goal is to support the litigation process by
assisting our clients’ with their evaluation of evidence obtained during our investigation, as well as providing experts to convey
those findings in court.
Background searches and neighborhood investigations are conducted by our licensed private detectives and private
investigators. These background record searches are very effective in screening applicants, screening employees,
screening tenants and obtaining their true profile. Our private detectives and private investigators will conduct
background investigation on an applicant to determine both prior civil history and criminal history, driving record,
criminal records , arrest records, etc. A pre-employment release form is required to be signed by the prospective
employee and may be provided by our Private Investigation agency at no extra cost.

Background searches , criminal record checks, employee screening services, database searches and neighborhood investigations are
effective in screening applicants and obtaining their true profile. Our private detective agency will conduct background
investigation or criminal record checks on an applicant to determine both prior civil records and criminal history, criminal records ,
driving record, etc. Hire a licensed private Investigator online today. Note: A pre-employment release form is required.
Our private detectives scan millions of private databases and public databases in efforts to obtain just about any information on a
person. Some of the Record Searches and investigation services available are: Criminal Records, Civil Records, Property
ownership, Cellular Phone Number Trace, Cell Phone Tracing, unlisted phone numbers, unlisted phone number trace, unpublished
number trace, marriage histories, marriage records , skip trace, motor vehicle driving records, find missing persons , pre-
employment screening , liens , judgments , bankruptcy records, tenant screening , California criminal records , Criminal Histories,
Criminal background checks , court records , database records, criminal arrest records, sex offender records, employee screening,
public records, criminal history, plus much more database searches.
Call us for more details on all other record searches available from our Private Detective Agency.
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Pre-employment Background checks / Records Searches Background checks
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