Forensic Reconstruction
The average highway accident happens in a matter of seconds, but understanding exactly
how or why the accident happened is a challenging scientific process. In addition to
collecting evidence and data, our engineers analyze all the issues of a case, making sure
our clients understand the underlying causes and countermeasures.  Collision Analysts
reconstruct collisions for our clients to ensure the most effective and comprehensive
investigative report to ensure a successful result.  Our mission is not to be the largest in
the industry, only the most ethical in our products and services.  
All our experts document
our scenes with the use of
precision survey
equipment and 3D
animated software.

Our experts can interview
your witnesses, parties
involved, other experts in
the industry and prepare
detailed documentation to
assist in your case
management.  Our experts
are able to record
interviews in audio and

Our experts are certified in
advanced 3D animations
and Diagrams

Our Experts are able to
simulate collision
investigations to
demonstrate the "what if's"
and expose inaccuracies
in offered by opposing
Our Mission Statement

- Enhance the science and industry of Accident Reconstruction
through knowledge sharing, continued education and training, and
ongoing research.

- Be ethical with the utmost integrity and be consistent with all
investigations to our clients.

- Provide comprehensive investigations with all services offered to
our clients in the most conservative economic standards.
What is Forensic Reconstruction
CSIS provides a wide range of professional services :

Major Accident Reconstruction
-Linear and Rotational Momentum Analyses
-Speed Determination from Crash Damage
-Speed Calculation from Tire marks
-Work, Force and Energy Analyses
-Speed Change (Delta-V and “g-force”) Analysis
-Computer Collision Simulation using SMAC and CRASH
-Point of Impact Reconstruction
-Time, Distance, Speed, and Position Determinations
-Liability and Causation Determination
-Product Liability Assessment
-Occupant Kinematics
-Auto-Pedestrian Accidents
-Commercial Vehicle Collisions – Including Rollover Analysis
-Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction
-SMAC Simulations

Vehicle Factors Analysis
-Crash Damage Profile
-Vehicle Stiffness Parameter Determination
-Barrier Equivalent Velocity (BEV)
-Crash Data Event Retrieval  "the black box"
-Automobile Seat-Back Failure Analyses
-Seatbelt Use Determination
-On-Off Lamp Analysis
-Motor Vehicle Component Inspections
-Photographic Documentation of Collision Damage

Human Factors Analysis
-Perception Reaction and Time-Distance Analysis
-Geometric Accident Avoidance Analysis
-Intoxication and influence
-Human, Vehicle, & Environment Interrelations
-Occupant Dynamics
-Biomechanical Interactions with Seat Belts, Airbags, and Vehicle Interiors
-Occupant Protection Systems

Low-Speed Impact Analysis and Reconstruction
- Impact Speed Determination
-Speed Change and “g-force” Analysis (Collision Severity)
-Damage Consistency Assessment
-Fraud Detection

Environmental Factors Analysis
-Collision Scene Inspection
-Scene Measurements using Total Station and other Surveying Equipment
-Certified collision reconstruction photography
-Roadway Design and Liability Determination (Registered Professional Engineer)
-Line-of-Sight Determination

Comprehensive Evidence and Courtroom Presentations
-Large Format CAD Diagrams Using the Latest Diagramming Technology
-3D Computer Animations
-Calculations Performed Using Latest Technology
-Low-Light and Macro Forensic Photography and Poster Board  Enlargements
-Video Reenactments
-Comprehensive Scene Collision Testing
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CSIS is committed to providing our
perspective clients the most thorough
and in depth consultation available to
ensure you are making the most
informed decision.  Please let us know
what services you are inquiring about
and one of our exert investigators will
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